The suspension constitutes the load-bearing component of our ID scarfing system. It not only ensures maximum stability of the overall system, it also provides for adjustment even during operation. This has a positive impact on the production process. An in-house design, the mount is individually tailored to your tube welding system. In addition to a high level of overall system stability, the mount offers a variety of adjustment options to ensure optimum cut application of the inside tube scarfer.

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  • Custom suspension dimensions
  • Custom-designed specific to tube welding line in tension or compression models
  • Orbital adjustment feature for adjusting the ID scarfer to weld center
  • Vertical adjustment to ensure precision suspension adjustment
  • Media required for hydraulics and cooling (through flow / return flow impeder, inside tube scarfer) fed through swiveling segment of suspension
  • Axial adjustment in order to adjust the fin of the tube penetration into the center of the open seam tube

Two bolts are used to attach the suspension to the fin pass stand on the welding line. The excentric bolts located in the suspension permit compensation for minor mismatch. Suspension height can be varied, even during operation, in order to adjust impeder and ID scarfer to the tube center line. An adjustable swiveling segment provides orbital ID scarfer adjustment.

Both the emulsion used for impeder and tool cooling, and the hydraulic oil for tool adjustment, are fed to impeder and ID scarfer through the swiveling segment, and into the tube penetration. The working points for different tube diameters relative to tube center can be reproduced as needed using measurement features located on the suspension (optional).

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Individual and custom made suspension design. (Picture shows suspension unit for SMS Meer tube mill).