BLISSart inside tube scarfing systems are exposed to contamination during daily operation. In most operations the impeder as well as the planing tool are being cooled with emulsion, which, even after filtering, contains enough small particles to clog the cooling channels. Our BLISSart-Powerfilter Station guarantees the uninterrupted operation of our inside tube scarfing systems.

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The BLISSart-Powerfilter consists of two separate filter systems with a switching valve to toggle between the two. This makes quick filter exchanges possible without having to interrupt operations.

A pressure gauge constantly shows the current operating pressure to ensure that the system is always being operated at optimum working pressure. The electronic flow switch immediately sends a signal when the filter is clogged and needs to be exchanged.

The complete filter system is mounted on a baseplate and can thus easily be mounted on the welding line. The exchangeable filter is made of a heavy-duty special fabric and has a filter surface of 140.000 mm² per filter. We offer filter strengths of 5 to 100 µ. Our standard filter features a double filter bag that consists of an inner filter of 100 µ and an outer filter of 30 µ thickness, thus protecting the bag from mechanical damage. With our BLISSart-Powerfilter pressure loss in a 5-bar-cooling liquid pump is only about 0.1 bar.