Who are the people behind Blissenbach? Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is a world market leader because of the ideas of our employees who develop and implement them. These are people who move mountains. They are an elite group and their high skill level makes them the company`s most valuable assets.

Knowing what needs to be done
Our customers want sustainable ID scarfing tools. We want you to have sustainable success in your production. And our experts know what is important for your tube production. We are familiar with and understand your requirements as well as the industry trends. We also keep you up to date.

Added value through support in process solutions
What good does the best ID scarfing product do if it is not perfectly integrated into the existing Tube production? With our know-how and the support we provide for process solutions at the customer`s site we make sure, that BLISSart® Tools can be smoothly integrated into future production processes.

To that end our specialists, together with their contacts in your company, will create requirement analyses and tailor existing operations to individual requirements. On this ideal basis, our innovations offer maximum quality assurance and provide risk as well as cost reduction through efficient systems.