Ernst Blissenbach GmbH is an international developer, manufacturer and world market leader of inside tube scarfing tools for longitudinally welded tubes. On a national level this is confirmed by relevant rankings like TOP 100, the Mannesmann Innovation Award and the Industry Award, which unanimously count Blissenbach among the most innovative companies in Germany.

It is this simple: Journey with us if you want to make it all the way to the top
For the past 30 years our pioneering spirit and our innovations have made us a forward thinking go-getter when it comes to inside tube scarfing systems and has made us an industry leader. The high-end tools, some of which are patented, have been developed from a customer perspective in order to provide tube and plant manufacturers with the utmost robustness, sustainability and cost effectiveness for their complex production processes. All around the globe tube producers and plant manufacturers rely on our products, process-technologies and services.

We Develop Ideas for You
Our innovations are sending a clear message: Ernst Blissenbach has been at the forefront of competition for years so our customers remain viable in future.

With the BLISSart® Systems any production of longitundinally welded tubes becomes safer, easier, more environmentally compatible and more economical.